Raining On Raina, Can’t Complain-a

I had been begging my buddy Martin all week to send me some naked pictures of his girlfriend, this hot chick Raina who is always flaunting her lovely ass and telling me about how often Martin fucks the snot out of her. She was getting

Of about.
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into rich detail saying how Marty will have her on the table and just be blasting her pussy from

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behind while she tickles his cock and he pulls her hair back and blasts her tight can.

I get really horny talking to her and I’m thinking a picture

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of her naked or taking it from behind and letting a cock squirm into her backside, will provide me with a nice JO session.

Martin asks me why I don’t just stop being a little bitch get head from her? I ask him if she would mind and then he explains that on second thought it probably wouldn’t work. Though he has a good idea.

So, we turn the lights off in the apartment one night, making it pitch dark.

Martin, who I looke exactly like (people confuse us as twins all the time) is texting he and telling her to cum inside so she can get it.

I lie on the bed with my cock out and hope like hell that she cums in and falls for this. I start jerking my dick and she comes in and

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pleasures it, licking my balls before giving me a cfnm blowjob. I guess we most be similar sizes because she’s not taken aback at all and she continues to suck at a wild pace, downing my dick and deepthroating it.

When she found out it was me she got kind of pissed but Martin was so happy that she decided to let it go because she know a happy MARTY results in her getting fucked harder and harder at her request. We loosened her up and hours later, we had her sucking us both of at once, giving us a shared cfnm blowjob and fitting both our cocks in her mouth.

I started the cream shower by blasting one all over her face. She erupted in laughter and explained that she could barely see and Marty followed suit, only he came in her mouth and watched as she swallowed his spunk thoroughly.


Drinking Ever Drop!

Cherrie Rose XXX Porn WhoreI’m at this club tonight with a couple of foreign chicks plus a buddy – Cherrie Rose Dick – and these girls are dancing at the bar, shaking their asses for drinks, while I guaranteed shots if they tongued each other down. My idea works and they tongue each other down, grabbing each others asses too, while Dick is taking off his shirt, and cooling off a second outside.

I take out my camera phone and notice that Ms. Rose is wearing an incredibly thin thong, and although I take a shot, I soon realize I need to quit watching and start participating – beta-males cheer, alpha-males act! Except – fuck - Dick beat me to it. He returns and pulls one of the girls down, and just starts eating her pussy and ass right there, grabbing her by the thighs while she holds his neck, and her friend begins commanding him to go rougher!  His face is all up in that cunt!

He lets go of one thigh and undoes his pants, and his schlong just hangs out, and then Cherrie goes and mouths it, tugging his dick and balls, getting him stiff, he cock in her warm mouth, a cfnm blowjob as a reward for his ambition! He’s fucking her mouth soon enough, and she pulls it out – spits – and then puts it back in. He’s making out with one girl while the other sucks his dick, and then the drunk slut asks him to cum in her mouth – who knew if he even expected to get that far – but he shells one out and everyone is watching in awe. Security is about to deal with them, but then you see an avalanche of men going to the bar, trying buy drinks for Cherrie Rose and even Dick (for getting the scene started) and the overflow of money keeps everyone cool and calm, as the girls keep driving the guys wild.

Anal Stretching

Cherrie Rose Anal Ass FuckRose and I have been flirting and fucking for a good couple weeks, and I’ve been trying to slip it in her ass but she’s just too nervous about it, and nervousness is the first ingredient to disaster.  She’s afraid my deep drilling dick will hurt her, that she’s taken it before and didn’t enjoy it, and I just keep explaining that the guy probably didn’t know what he was doing (and she admitted that she was his first, so yeah, he was an amateur, but she was still nervous).

So one day she pulls up and I’m already waiting around naked, and she treats me to a cfnm blowjob while I wet my finger and slip it in her ass, because she does enjoy it when I play with her butthole even if she doesn’t want anything bigger going in.  We’re by the mirror and I can see her pussy is so wet, I can almost see my reflection in her juice-covered cunt, and feeling that wet patch, I think I got the case to pound and astound that ass!

I begin grabbing her head and guiding it, getting firmer and rougher, dominant, and she’s really into that and when I lay her down I make it clear its her ass, and she finally gives in, but after playing with it for the time I did, this was no issue.  I tongued her pussy and ass, up and down, mixing the both so she could associate pleasure in one spot with a feeling in another, fingering her clit with a mania if I focused on tonguing her tush, so when I slip in and her vaginal juice is leaking down, lubricating that ass, I slip in – and I did it missionary because with an erect penis, I knew she’d feel it against her vagina wall (which feels good for her) instead of against her back (which feels weird).  I told this girl I’m not amateur!
I slip in and I use my hand to keep twiddling with her twat, as I stretch her ass and soon she’s so lubricated from her own leaking juice that she’s asking me to go faster, too slow can sometimes be a negative you know, you got to keep the motion going once you start, and she’s screaming and moaning as I’m rocking that ass, and her pussy is turning a rosy pink because I haven’t stopped playing with it, fingering it, but now she’s also doing her clit and she just starts to gush out her cunt all on my crotch as I pump into her anal cherrie, rose colored cock because I’m so heated from the action.

To think this was just an experiment….

Not a Piece of Meat

I got my buddy laid the other night, so he decided to repay the favor, introducing me to this slut with tattoos who chain-smokes the whole night, and as they say “if she smokes, she pokes”. Things play out brilliantly, because these other guys try to cut in and chat her up – and fuck it, I let them, they’re talking all sexual and dirty – and soon she asks “why are you so quiet?” almost as if she’s going to criticize me for being ’shy’, but instead I respond “because you’re not a fucking piece of meat” and I look at her, and suddenly the other guys are looking like sleazy douchebags and even in this dim club I could see her skin blush. The other guys can be bold and brute-stupid – nothing is so refreshing to a girl than a guy who might actually be a challenge.

Soon enough we’re drinking, then dancing, and eventually she murmurs “so when are we going to your place” and hook-line-and-sinker I lead that lovely lass out of the club and head to a buddy’s house nearby where I got an extra key for occasions like this, and once inside I’m strip in a heartbeat. She’s still pretty drunk but horny, not even thinking to undress, and a little dominant to boot now. She pushes me against the wall and starts me off with a cfnm handjob, stroking me while we kiss and her other hand is holding me by the neck to keep me in place.

She grabs a tie off the counter and binds my eyes, and I’m a little intimidated at how well this girl can tie a knot while drunk, definitely one of those kinky fetish girls or familiar with it, and unable to see her I then feel her smother my cock with her lips, giving me a cfnm blowjob while scratching at my stomach. I start talking dirty to her but she gets up and shoves a sock in it, slaps me while stroking the shaft, and goes “shhhh” and then she pulls at my arm and tosses me to the bed where she binds me up even further and then climbs up so she’s sitting on my face as she’s sucking my man-meat, intent to keep my silent with that tasty twat.

She permits me a few murmurs and moans, but anything more than that and she goes back to dominant punishment, and its a game I can tell, hot to have an aggressive cfnm girl who likes to keep a guy in line and basically I speak when spoken to and soon she’s sliding her wet cunt on my shaft while facing me, holding me by the neck as if commanding me to fuck her like a horse she plans to tame! It’s cfnm fucking as she pulls her undies to the side and she’s playing this game of squeezing her cunt on my bulging cock and moaning and tonguing my neck and keeping me hard as a piece of marble – but at the same time she’s scratching and choking and man-handling me like I’m a disobedient dog that needs to learn its place. What a vixen! Still unable to see anything, I simply deliver hip-shots upward as best I can, pounding that pussy and she does this thing with my balls where I can’t cum until she lets me so I got to keep fucking her and I do until she’s had her fill – and even then, its back to the 69 position, but now she wants me to lick her ass as she finally milks my cock to explosion. Bad-ass-bitch.

Afternoon Delight

Office seduction brought to you by RedTube – Home of free porn videos

Amy has a banging body but what I love the most is her face – this sweet girl next door, innocent yet sexy college intern who tries a little too hard to seem mature, and who gets me a little too hard thinking about fucking that face.  So one day it’s lunch time and everyone decides to go out to eat, except us as we were both too distracted to think about heading out.

Now I’m not a snoopy guy, but I guess I’m easily bored?  I read just about everything out of habit, doesn’t matter if its a box, a monitor – I can’t help but glance.  And the story begins when Amy makes a sudden turn and accidentally drops her phone over in my direction.  I pick it up, giving it a quick glance, not thinking about it – except I see an unsent text asking “feeling horny?” and she smirks when she gets the phone back from me, and my curiosity is piqued.  As soon as the last guy leaves the office and its just us two, she asks aloud “Well?” and I really do go stupid for a second thinking “huh?” and that’s when I realize the message was meant for me.  I peek over at her in utter surprise and tell her “quit dicking around”, playfully and she smirks, sliding her chair over before falling to the floor and helping herself to my dick, and I can already tell by the pheromones how wet her pussy must be to just be so bold like this at work.

“I’ll show you dicking around” she says, pulling my dick out and I’m thinking of how sweet a CFNM blowjob would be, but I’m happy just seeing that pretty little face hovering over my cock and she just sucks me off to completion like a champ!  Turns out working during lunch isn’t so bad, ha!

Rachels Tongue Ring

So I was visiting my old job, catching up with old friends and seeing how they’re doing when I see Rachel – she had just gotten a tongue ring because she heard how much it makes sex different, so I pitched that I knew a way of testing it out. She asks me what my idea is, and I yank out my big cock over by the registers, at an angle that ensures the cameras can’t catch me. At first she blushes, but when she realizes that no one else knows what’s happening, her face turns a lot more confident – and horny.

So I tuck it away for the moment and we scamper to the break room. It was sweet. Besides fixing it up so it looked more like a lounge, the room used to have a 2nd room in the back where we had lockers and such. No one really used that, however, so the managers removed the lockers, set up a sleeping area with a curtain, and basically employees could pass out (maybe a nap during lunch – but usually guys who came really early or had to stay late waiting for their rides, so it was cool of the managers to think of us back then). My point? We had a spot to fuck. We slipped in and with no one using it, I take my cock out again and she begins stroking it, a sweet cfnm tugjob with her tourniquet grip. She’s tonguing my balls and the feeling in her mouth is amazing, especially with that ring.

Tasting my tool, the handjob becomes a cfnm blowjob, and she talks dirty about wanting me to cum in her mouth and I get harder than a mountain, and she sucks me like a vacuum until she’s draining the cum out of me. Amazing!

Cfnm Star

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So I’ve been dancing at these parties for a while, but sometimes you aspire to more – I always wanted to do some acting – and luckily a friend of mine was into film.  So my buddy used me for a couple independent films he did, and with better gigs for him, he started getting me better roles as well. As a plus, the bachelorette parties meant that I could always find new girls, if he needed some female talent.

Well, this slut now wouldn’t shut up about how she thought she belonged in one of my films, and I told her to audition for the next one, but she wasn’t listening.  We already were cast!  She was persistent, bragging that she was hotter than the other girl and could fuck better too, and I asked her to take it down a notch, but it was hard to fend her off.  “You can fuck this however you like, just get me a role.” she offered, and she was undoing my clothing before I could even answer.

I couldn’t resist any longer, so I felt her ass while she dropped my pants and then she started giving me a hardcore cfnm blowjob.  She slid her nails into my nuts, spitting on my cock and tasting it.

“Like it, huh? Real fucking tasty, huh hunk?” she says, tugging my meat and then hiking her slut-skirt up before bending over.  I slide my sausage into her slippery slit, making her scream. She talks dirty, excited to get fucked.

I keep slamming her, pillaging her wet snatch and a few minutes later release a huge cum load on her pretty little ass.  She loves it and fingers the cum into her asshole, and then suggests me going in (probably because she thinks I’d be too tired to do it) – but hell, I’m hard as a rock at the thought of piping her backside.

The slut loves it. Now I got to find out how to fit her sexy ass in this movie….

Film Talent


So the other night we had were throwing a party and I was talking to these two drama queen sluts, the kinds who always have guy problems but mostly because they started it with something stupid. They’re also drama sluts because they actually want to be actresses – Hollywood and all that bullshit – which inspired me as to how to get those titties that they often flaunt.

So I took them aside at the party, took them to smoke a blunt in my room and I ask them about how far they’re willing to go for the screen. Would they do a nude scene? Yes. Girl on girl? Yes. Oh really? You get the drift, and so I made my pitch about my friend doing some indie films that are getting shown and he needs some uninhibited female talent and all that, nothing too directly sexual, just teasing them along so they can figure out how far they’d be willing to go to get someplace.

Now I’ve been shirtless through most of the party, and I start teasing them if they’d even make out and they shrug and go at it, and when I see they’re distracted I go full-pervert and whip my dick out and start jerking it and when they DO notice, the brunette is a little shocked but the blond one says “wow” and it doesn’t take much for her to stroke the sausage in a cfnm handjob – on camera! I mean, I’m the one exposed here, why should they be embarrassed?

Well the blond is showing her confidence – and the other girl realizes this – so she ups the cfnm handjob and goes straight for the throat, her own throat that is, and begins sucking me off. She’s devouring my dick while the other one is getting turned on and says “fuck her face!” and next thing I realize, I got a little cfnm threesome going on. These girls are definitely fit for film.

The blond girl pulls me to lay down on the bed, and now both girls are blowing me, as if they’re making out around my cock, and massaging my balls and shaft and before I can say anything they give me the straight up invite to cum. Cfnm pleasure erupts between their cheeks, as my cum shoots between them above, then lands back down on their lips in a messy girl on girl kiss with my dick in the center. Now to talk to my film buddy, haha!

Brofist Banging!


Ernie and I were running about campus, looking for pussy to get our dicks wet. They got a pub on campus, sort of worked out since its better to keep the students on campus (instead of driving) so that’s where we went first. The girls were smoking all right, young chick with tight butt pants, and we’re mingling inside and outside when we discover a girl who couldn’t get in because she didn’t have an ID (so her and her friends spent most of their time outside, getting drinks from guys and hoping not to get kicked out). We weren’t feeling the friends, but this one girl was fine and flirty – so we tell her we know a place she can get drunk.

Boom – got her like that.

So we’re drinking and she’s all slender so you know she can’t hold her liquor, so by the time we make it to the hotel, my bro is burying his face in her warm snatch while I’m jerking it while she’s undoing my pants like a brat unwrapping a Christmas gift. Next thing you know I’m getting a cfnm blowjob while my buddy his slamming her slit with his schlong, her shorts wrapped around her ankles like a pair of cuffs.

I pull out and jerk it, guiding her tongue to lick my balls while my bro starts fingering her ass as he pipes her, and I wonder if we’re going to DP this girl. I start smacking my dick about and soon enough, yup, he’s laying on the bed and mounting her cowgirl, having his legs off the bed so that her ass is exposed – and you can tell she’s shocked at first, but she’s also drunken horny, so she lets me slide it up her ass while she’s sucking on his fingers and I’m grabbing her tits from behind.

All she can mumble is “omfgyesfuckme” with his fingers in her mouth, a dick in each hole and my grasp on her tits, and we’re pillaging her privates as she’s gushing her female lube all over the bed. I love college!

Cfnm lessons from teacher

I can recount one of my best CFNM stories to being a senior in High School – I had a fucked a few cheerleaders, even gotten head while we hid on the roof of the school building a couple times, and in general it was wild and great. I thought it couldn’t possibly get better, getting older and all.

Thats when Ms. Thorn, a substitute teacher (and secret CFNM queen) from from college came to us. Young enough that she could pass for a student, I couldn’t help get hard as fuck during class. I think she caught me staring a few times, but she didn’t seem to react, simply doing her thing as she strutted her butter-soft, sculpted-ass that I kept an eye for whenever she bent to pick things up.

So one day I’m eating shit – no one takes substitute teachers seriously for the actual class, especially in senior year – and I was messing with this girl, poking her tits and flirting hot and heavy. I had fucked this girl before, so we were straight, but during our messing around I slapper her ass – and it was so loud, it classroom heard the echo – and the teacher had to get involved. I had to see her after class, and I could just barely contain my frustration as I was sure I was going to bang this girl (and instead I was stuck with this cock-tease).

So the bell rang and the class cleared out and when I ask if I’m being punished, she said “Maybe – I want to know if its true”, her eyes rolling down to my crotch, a finger in her mouth, the most obvious cliche super-slutty expression as if she thought guys younger than her were a little stupid. “Oh yeah” I throw back, and I begin taking out my cock and when she sees it she rushes to the door and makes sure the little windows are covered. She then stalks over to me and begins a cfnm handjob, staring me straight in the eyes like a tiger looking to eat a deer.

It’s working me up quick, and I ask her if she’d like a taste, but oh no – she liked the control part of all this – and she bent me over her table and just kept jerking me off and the only time her mouth touched me was to suck on my balls from behind and bite into my thigh. It wasn’t a cfnm blowjob, but god, she was milking me like a cow.

When I’m about to cum she reaches up from under me, sliding into her chair, and takes it all in her mouth, jerking it as I unload, making sure every drop of evidence is consumed. I was so drained, it hurt. And then she gave me her home address.

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